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Welcome to Daily Tasker, your free daily task manager.

Daily Tasker provides you with a simple interface that can be used to motivate yourself and keep track of things you want to do on a daily basis.

The tasklist
Once you sign up, confirm your email address and log in, you will be introduced to your tasklist. Here you can add tasks and decide how often you wish to complete them.

Passively motivational
Once a task is added, it will appear in your list every day. Once you complete that task on any given day, you click the "Done!" button and it disapears. This way you can feel great having an empty task list every day, making yourself twice as productive as you would otherwise be.

Worry free
Additionally, you no longer need to remind yourself of things you need to do each month, each week, or each day. Like writing down work, it frees your mind of worry so you can focus on whatever you want every day.

Not just daily!
In addition to daily tasks, you can add one-time tasks, weekly tasks and monthly tasks.

Missed a task?
If you missed a task, be it a monthly or daily task, it will remain in your list until you complete it.

Tasks don't pile up
If you miss a task, it will stay in your list until you complete it. If that task's next scheduled run comes by, it won't pile up and once you complete it once, it will disapear. This way even if you fall behind, you don't need to play catchup and can just keep going from when you are able to.

Free, free, free.
There is no cost for this service, just a useful tool to help people be more productive quickly and easily.

Here are some great task examples...

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